U-Fidgets Pacific Ocean


Model sizes: 4.4 х 1.56 х 5 cm / 4 х 0.96 х 6.7 cm / 4.65 х 0.96 х 5 cm / 4.65 х 0.96 х 5 cm
Number of pieces total: 38 pieces
Estimated time of assembly: 30 mins

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The Pacific Ocean series of U-Fidgets from Ugears features four iconic sea creatures. From denizens of the deep to skimmers of the shallows, these beautiful marine life fidgets remind us we must protect the oceans, use less plastic, stop dumping waste, not let our world destroy theirs. The set is comprised of four small wooden figurines you assemble yourself, each with simple mechanical elements:

Whale (41.5 х 9.6 х 59mm)—this baleen beauty is the gentle king of the seas, our mammal cousin, and a singer of love songs across the deep.

Stingray (52 х 9.6 х 45.5mm)—beautiful gliding swimmers, related to sharks, docile and curious with a deadly, venomous stinger in the tail. Stingray species around the world are among the most threatened and at risk of extinction.

Shark (37 х 9.6 х 65mm)—apex predator and critical component of a well-balanced marine ecosystem, shark populations have been reduced by over 70% just in the last generation.

Seahorse (35 х 9.6 х 62mm)—tiny inhabitants of the shallows, named for their equine appearance, seahorses are one of the few species where the males gestate their young. As coral reefs and seagrass beds disappear, seahorses disappear with them.

Each DIY fidget has a spinning element to keep your fingers occupied, as well as an eyelet for hanging as an ornament or use as a key chain. Made of art-quality natural composite wood, you can leave your wooden model U-Fidgets in their natural state or colour with a light coat of paint or stain. These simple 3D puzzles come with illustrated instructions and are easy to assemble, for even the youngest builders.

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