Bec Kate
Love love love Ugears. Started with the small fidget toys and was so impressed I bought 30 sets as thank you gifts for staff. Since then my daughter took enough for her whole class which they all loved putting together and my 9 year old son saved his pocket money for the new rubber band gun. He built it entirely himself and loves it. Thanks for a tactile alternative to mass produced plastic, Ugears!

Robin Tu
Great product and is very rewarding when it is completed

Erik van der Ent
Excellent product and lots of entertainment and satisfaction when finishing them. My 8 year old son put together the Wolf-01 handgun with no help at all, sanded it and waxed it as per instructions and kept him entertained for hours and had great sense of achievement!

Jamie Whitehead
The models are genius, by the way. The instructions are simple enough for a kid to follow with minimal supervision and the end result is more than a toy. You’re inspiring a future inventor. The marble run was bought last Christmas, this year two cousins are getting a dragon and a marble run, our son will get another model for his birthday.

Paul J. Franco – 94
The latest models are fantastic, as with all of the Ugears work! I love working with them as they are a joy, also the ‘plan’ books are a real treasure to compliment the kits.

Paul J Franco next to his display of Ugears models