UGears Steam Express 2.5D Puzzle


Bring back the romance of train travel in a bygone age with the Steam Express 2.5D picture puzzle from new Ugears collection. This DIY 2.5D wooden picture model shows a classic steam locomotive and passenger carriage from three perspectives, each with mechanical elements. Inspired by the luxury passenger trains of the early 20th century, with its elegance the Steam Express is a beautiful static display piece that comes to life with its moving parts.

Model size: 28.9 x 21.5 x 6.2 cm
Number of components: 79
Estimated time for assembly: 30 minutes

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Steam Express 2.5D puzzle

The Steam Express' three perspectives include a side view of the locomotive, with driving wheels and connecting and coupling rods all synched thanks to mechanical wooden gearing. There's also a front view of the locomotive, with a cattle guard and hinged smokebox hatch that opens to reveal a latticed air intake. The third perspective is a side view of a passenger car, with a secret mechanism that lets you slide open the carriage to reveal a beautifully appointed dining car with table, bar and lounge.

Ugears 2.5D picture puzzles are a fun DIY alternative to traditional jigsaw puzzles. Different from anything Ugears has manufactured before, these wooden mechanical picture puzzles are meant for static display, but with a twist: movable parts that bring the picture to life. Each picture puzzle is built in its own frame, with a picture mount for hanging or leg stands for tabletop display. These DIY craft models are a conversation starter and the perfect addition to your home or office interior.

Like all Ugears models the Steam Express 2.5D picture model is made of art-quality composite wood; you can leave the model in its attractive natural state, or color, paint or stain it in a color scheme of your choosing (paints not included). Everything you need for assembly comes in the box, including wax, sandpaper, and instructions in 11 languages (Ukrainian, English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean). No glue or special tools required—just snap the laser pre-cut pieces together!

The Steam Express 2.5D Puzzle has 79 pieces, is rated "Easy" and can be assembled in under an hour. If you've never built a model before, don't worry—2.5D picture puzzles are great starter models for those without any previous modeling experience. Anyone can create something beautiful for their home, and enjoy showing off the cool features and moving parts of the model to their friends and family.

Ugears is known all over the world for making innovative wooden mechanical models that move, each with ingenious design and engineering. There are planes, cars, trucks, ships, motorbikes, automatons, robots, wooden puzzle boxes and STEM Lab model kits in the Ugears catalogue. With our new line of 2.5D models we've flattened things out and placed the model in a frame, for ease of display. Start your collection of Ugears 2.5D picture puzzles today with the Steam Express, then check out the other picture models in the 2.5D Classic Vehicles collection, including the Fighter Aircraft, Roadster MK3, Indie Moto and Zeppelin.

Do you know any kids or adults who love trains? Give them a 2.5D Steam Express as an original, thoughtful holiday, birthday, or anytime gift. Enjoy your travels with the Ugears 2.5D Steam Express, and enjoy many exciting modeling adventures to come!

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